Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective


Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective (8th Edition)

Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective (8th Edition)

インタラクショニズム関連のリーディングス。上のは8版。現行は9版。この中から次次回のテキストを選ぶためにリストアップ。個人的にはPenelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub, Anorexia, Bulimia, and Developing a Deviant Identity. を読まないといけない。ひとまずLuckenbill & Bestなどどうだろうか。


8th Ed. contents

1. The Process of Social Typing.
Howard S. Becker, Outsiders.
David F. Luckenbill and Joel Best, Careers in Deviance.
Karolynn Siegel, Howard Lane, and Ilan H. Meyer, Active Responses to Labeling.

2. The Cultural Context.
Marja Holmila, Gendered Rules on Alcohol Use.
Craig Reinarmann and Ceres Duskin, The Culture's Drug Addict Imagery.
Jane R. Mercer, Labeling the Mentally Retarded.

3. Accommodation to Deviance.
Kathleen J. Ferraro and John M. Johnson, How Women Experience Battering.*
Michael Lynch, Accommodation to Madness.
Joan K. Jackson, The Adjustment of the Family to Alcoholism.

4. The Role of Third Parties.
Earl Rubington, The Enforcement of College Alcohol Policy.
Edwin M. Lemert, Paranoia and the Dynamics of Exclusion.
Erving Goffman, The Moral Career of the Mental Patient.


5. Agencies and Their Theories.
William B. Waegel, Case Routinization in Investigative Police Work.
Kathryn J. Fox, Control Agents and the Creation of Deviant Types.
1153646748*Donileen R. Loseke and Spencer E. Cahill, Experts on Battered Women.*

6. Organizational Processing of Deviants.
Christine Bowditch, Getting Rid of Troublemakers in High School.
Lisa Frohmann, Sexual Assault.
James A. Holstein, Mental Illness Assumptions in Commitment Hearings.

7. The Effects of Contact with Control Agents.
William J. Chambliss, The Saints and the Roughnecks.
Richard D. Schwartz and Jerome H. Skolnick, Legal Stigma.
Nancy J. Herman and Charlene E. Miall, Stigma and the Ex-psychiatric Patient.


8. The Social Organization of Deviants.
Joel Best and David F. Luckenbill, Types of Relationships.
John D'Emilio, Capitalism and the Gay Subculture.
Nancy J. Herman, 'Mixed Nutters,' 'Looney Tuners,' and 'Daffy Ducks.'

9. Getting into Deviant Groups.
Martin S. Weinberg, Becoming a Nudist.
Martin Sanchez Jankowski, Getting into Gangs.
Sharon Abbott, Getting into Porn.

10. Learning the Norms.
Martin S. Weinberg, The Nudist Management of Respectability.
Richard Tewksbury, Cruising for Sex in Public Places.
Liahna Gordon, Lesbians' Resistance to Culturally-Defined Attractiveness. *

11. Social Diversity.
Charles E. Faupel, A Typology of Heroin Addicts.
Paul C. Higgins, Outsiders in a Hearing World.
Stephen E. Lankenau, Diversity in Panhandling. IV. DEVIANT IDENTITY.

12. Acquiring a Deviant Identity.
Martin S. Weinberg, Colin J. Williams, and Douglas W. Pryor, Becoming Bisexual.
Clinton R. Sanders, Getting a Tattoo.
Penelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub, Anorexia, Bulimia, and Developing a Deviant Identity. *

13. Managing A Deviant Identity.
Michael Petrunik and Clifford D. Shearing, Stutterers' Practices.
Carol Rambo Ronai and Rabecca Cross, Stripteasers Management of their Deviant Identity. James G. *
Thomson, Joseph A. Marolla, and David G. Bromley, Priests and Pedophilia.

14. Transforming Deviant Identity.
Harrison M. Trice and Paul Michael Roman, Delabeling,
Relabeling, and Alcoholics Anonymous. J. David Brown, The Professional Ex-.
Martin S. Weinberg, Colin J. Williams, and Bo Laurent, Medicalizing and Demedicalizing Hermaphroditism.

*Indicates new article to this edition. Preface. General Introduction.

9th Ed. contents

Five new readings in Part I,“The Social Deviant,”
include the work of Heckert and Best, Cahill and Eggleston, Logan, Dellinger and Williams, and Kenney.

Three new readings in Part III, “Relations among Deviants,”
include Miller, Anderson and Dabney, and Hollinger.

Two new selections in Chapter 12, “Deviant Identity” highlight the contributions of McLorgand Taub, and Irwin.

Heckert and Best(JoelではなくAmy)の論文はこれだろうか。
Ugly Duckling to Swan: Labeling Theory and the Stigmatization of Red Hair (PDF)

Cahill and Egglestonは感情の社会学。おそらく。

Managing Emotionsの方はEBSCOにFulltextがある。RECONSIDERING〜の方は図書館にある。(人図)

Loganというのは、おそらくCharles H. Loganのことだろう。

Dellinger and Williamsはこちら。職場での規範・逸脱の研究のようだ。

EBSCOにはSEXUALITY〜の方がFulltextがある。でも、読むならLocker Roomの方が面白いんじゃ無かろうか。Locker Roomの方は図書館にある。(人図)

KenneyとはおそらくJ. Scott Kenneyだろう。