Hikikomori(Dhaval Mehta, Metroblogging NYC)



Dhaval Mehta

It's a disorder that Japanese youth are currently facing where they literally shut themselves inside of their rooms.

The article goes to speculate and discuss with psychiatrists how this disorder develops, but I started thinking, here I am, living in New York City, one of the largest cities in the world and yet I hardly go out. I go out on weekends and I go to and from work, and I also travel every night to the city. Ok, so maybe not me, but I know others who will much rather stay inside and in their rooms than go out.





それ以後は「ひきこもり」という表記でひきこもりの話をしている。ちなみに、上のDhaval Mehta氏のコラムは「ひきこもり」を空間的な「引き籠もり」と誤解しているきらいがある。