Internet Guardian

ANAD(National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders)のページより。NHKでカレン・カーペンターの番組をやっていたので見ていると、この団体の代表が出てきた。この団体のサイトを見ていて発見。プロアナ・サイトを通報しる!的な感じのもの。

What is a Media and Internet Guardian?

In July, 2001 ANAD became aware of pro-anorexia websites on the Internet. World-wide, men and women e-mail ANAD with the names and locations of websites which promote this behavior.

With the help of ANAD’s media and Internet guardians, ANAD began a campaign to removepro-anorexia websites from the Internet.

Yahoo!, Homestead Technologies, and other companies that host servers and locations on theInternet reviewed their Terms of Service and have chosen to remove these sites. ANAD is extremely grateful to these companies and many more who not only honor their Terms of Service, but also protect the safety of their members and respect a healthy lifestyle.

To date, hundreds of these sites have been removed. These sites endanger the lives of the sitemembers and onlookers.

The ANAD media and Internet guardians are people, including young people, worldwide, who volunteer to watch the Internet and media- and then contact ANAD about the negative body image or potentially dangerous eating disorders websites and advertising campaigns they discover. To volunteer to be an ANAD media and Internet guardian, please contact us.

Look for negative messages that:

  • Promote eating disorders
  • Glamorize thinness and dieting
  • Discriminate against weight and shape
  • Encourage unrealistic standards and body hatred
  • Falsely advertise
  • Try to lure young people into accepting the use of laxatives, diuretics, herbal products, and/ordiet supplements